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I started using Inspection Agreement about 3 years ago.  Inspection agreement has streamlined my process for having the required agreement signed prior to the inspection.  The idea that the client can get the contract prior to the day of the inspection totally removes the problem of having a contract signed under duress. In addition to the fact that my client not have to rush through the pre-inspection contract, I also have much less paperwork to keep on file.  I highly recommenced Inspection Agreement to every serious home inspector

Stephen Barker
Assurance Building Consultants
(864) 908-1761

“Wow! What a great service. More than half of our clients are either out of town or just can’t make it to the inspection. Before we would have to fax or email the 3 page Inspection Agreement to the Realtor who in turn had to some how get it to their clients to sign and then get it back to us. (This did not always happen in a timely manner.) The Realtors love this, all they do now is have their client go to our webpage and click on the Inspection Agreement section and a minute later I have an electronically signed agreement emailed to me. What could be easier? Thanks for making my job a little bit more manageable.”

Debbie Wartell
Happy Home Inspections
Rockledge, FL





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